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Unlock a world of perks with our exciting loyalty voucher program. Add Uber Vouchers to your redemption catalog to reward customers with vouchers good for Uber rides and meals on Uber Eats. 

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✅ Add Uber Vouchers to your redemption catalog where customers can easily access them.  

✅ Define custom voucher amounts based on points earned. 

✅ Seamlessly connect to the program through the Kangaroo business portal.

✅ Supported Plans: Ultimate, Ultimate Plus

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Attract new customers and differentiate your business with a rewards program that promotes a value-added experience.

Keep customers engaged and motivated by sending personalized rewards, offers and promotions that will excite & delight. 

Provide a seamless omnichannel brand experience in-store, online and your own custom branded app.

Grow sales quickly with data-driven targeted marketing and segmentation to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

Kangaroo has teamed up with Uber* to allow businesses to offer customers Uber Vouchers as a reward option when redeeming points.

Vouchers are redeemed within the Uber app where the funds will appear in the customer's Uber Wallet, available for immediate use. Vouchers can be used up to a year before they expire.  

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*Uber Voucher terms and conditions apply