Make your eCommerce store even more rewarding



Customer Experience


Attract new customers and differentiate your business with a rewards program that promotes a value-added experience.

Keep customers engaged and motivated by sending personalized rewards, offers and promotions that will excite & delight. 

Provide a seamless omnichannel brand experience in-store, online and your own custom branded app.

Grow sales quickly with data-driven targeted marketing and segmentation to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

Advertising Brings in a Sale, Loyalty Creates a Customer

Kangaroo turns 1st-time buyers into frequent buyers.

Make shopping even more rewarding! 

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Create a Loyalty Program as Unique

Inspire and motivate your customers at every touchpoint along the journey and stop cart abandonment.

It’s easy to configure Kangaroo’s loyalty software to match your loyalty program with your brand.

Your all-in-one loyalty solution

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Get New Customers Fast

Kangaroo’s all-in-one loyalty marketing platform offers the quickest and least expensive way to increase revenue and brand awareness. Use powerful acquisition tools like the referral module, social sharing, and contests to attract new customers and grow your eCommerce store!


Referred customers generate 86% higher revenue and deliver a 60% larger return on investment?



Contest Module




Drive traffic to your eCommerce store by rewarding customers who refer friends that make a purchase. 

Social Sharing

Easily grow your customer base and brand visibility by rewarding customers who refer and share your offers on social media.

Offer unique, personalized customer rewards to drive spending and increase visits to your eCommerce store. With Kangaroo, the possibilities are endless.


Boost customer loyalty and keep customers engaged with exclusive rewards they'll love!

Points Rewards →

Surprise and delight customers with exciting offers that keep them coming back for more!

Special Offers →Free Mobile App →

Keep your brand in the palm of your customers hands with the Kangaroo Customer app.

Measure Your Success 

Reduce guest check-outs and see how your loyalty program performs in real-time.


Access your Dashboard and control your program from any device.

Get priceless insights about your customers' shopping behavior and trends.


Easily Automate Your Marketing

Engage your customers with highly targeted messaging and relevant offers when they need it most. Our advanced automations make it easier than ever to optimize your eCommerce store. It just takes one click!


LEARN MOREEmail & SMS MarketingCustomer ExperienceMarketing Automation

Leverage strong customer relationships by reaching the right people at the right time with email*, SMS and push notifications!

Retain brand loyalty and increase sales with unique brand experiences based on first-hand insights. 

Improve marketing ROI and drive sales productivity by automating time-consuming tasks so your business can thrive!  

Marketing Automation Benefits →Marketing Features →Learn More About Insights →


Kangaroo is the only loyalty program that can connect any of our integrated POS systems to your eCommerce store. 

*Also integrates with Mailchimp, Klaviyo and Constant Contact.


71% of consumers say loyalty programs are a meaningful part of their brand relationships. 

Make Shopping Even MORE Rewarding.

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Points Rewards

Special Offers

Stand out from the crowd with a fully loaded, customizable loyalty program. Kangaroo Rewards helps make your online store even more rewarding!

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Receive weekly performance analytics by Email.

as Your Customers

Acquire new customers and multiply your customer database by promoting fun contests and draws!


Promote your brand and increase sales by exciting customers with a chance to win a product or service! 

Integration benefits

✅ Reward customers directly from a branded loyalty program for your Pepperi eCommerce site.

✅ Leverage strong customer relationships by reaching the right people at the right time.

✅ Automate your email campaigns so you can save time doing important tasks.

✅ Included with a Kangaroo Ultimate package 


Connect your Kangaroo loyalty program to Pepperi and take your customer engagement to the next level. 

Use this integration to target specific customers with custom offers, reward specific behaviors, and send automated marketing.