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Easy to Launch

Merchants can create a Kangaroo account and sync to integration partners in just a few clicks.



Help merchants grow their business

Kangaroo Rewards is a customer loyalty program that grows with you.

Kangaroo is the best platform for rewarding customers - in person, online and on mobile. Reward customers on any commerce channel, easily facilitate marketing engagement and seamlessly sync data across multiple platforms.


Loyalty that Works

Robust and scalable rewards designed to surprise and delight customers and grow revenues.

360 Degree Marketing

Engage and retain customers with automated email and SMS text campaigns with deep-level targeting and segmentation.

Grow your business with our unique white label loyalty rewards program. Integrate loyalty rewards into your platform or resell it along with your other services to attract and retain more business clients.

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Connect with every type of business

Enterprise, retail, restaurants, beauty services, healthcare, automotive - Kangaroo powers them all.

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Help more stores add value to the customer experience with their own white-label app.

Whether your client is online, owns a brick & mortar store or both, Kangaroo’s integrations work seamlessly across all channels.

Create scalable commerce experiences with our API 

Explore Kangaroo Developer

Kangaroo Rewards seamlessly integrates with our system and has the most robust tools to communicate with our retail clients. It was a no brainer for us and our top performing stores are using the platform to create exciting rewards programs that enhance customer satisfaction. 


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Give your clients more with Kangaroo Rewards

Customer Support

Kangaroo Rewards provides end-to-end, top-tier support to your clients to position them for success. 

Exclusive benefits for Kangaroo Rewards Partners

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Work with a dedicated partner manager

Connect directly with product specialists

Earn profit share and other incentives

Access to new product launches

Tools for selling to more customers


Become a Reseller

Become a Reseller

Be an Affiliate Partner 

Use your voice to inspire entrepreneurs to make everyday shopping more rewarding. Help small businesses accelerate their revenues and maximize customer relationships with a customer rewards program. Earn revenue by referring your audience to Kangaroo Rewards.

Become an Affiliate

Refer a business

Kangaroo Rewards is the most-widely-used loyalty rewards program in the world. Refer your contacts to sign-up with Kangaroo Rewards and earn a $250 bonus for each successful referral. It’s a quick and easy way to earn a profit while helping your contacts grow their business.

Refer A Business

Quick to launch and easy sign-up makes rewarding customers a breeze.

Drive demand and traffic into your client’s store with powerful marketing sent the right way at the right time.

Reward the actions that are most important for the success of your client’s business.